Quilting From My Heart
Jeannie M. Bush

Quilted Treasures that will touch your heart

I put the quilt out inthe sunshine(on a clean sheet) and just marveled at it magnificence! It is beyond my imagination! A TRUE Heirloom!!! And the special extra "TREATS"! My mother and I use to make soap in our basement- probably more like"lye"than anything that would pass today! Maybe more like "FelsNaptha??? Maybe you are too young! ??? You are such a positive person and inspiration! I feel blessed having met you! You are a Kindred Spirit! Wishing you the best in the Holiday Season and you will be in our Thankful prayers come THANKSGIVING with so much to be thankful for including Gavin's healthy arrival!
You are the Best! Peace and Health,
Janet Sholiton

I Want to Thank You
I want to thank you for your wonderful gift.
Every time I see it – really gives me a lift!
The richness, the beauty, so very fine,
As is the creator…you are simply divine.
I’ll never know how you manage it all,
Such a beautiful expression – up on my wall.
You have succeeded in giving passion yet another face,
This one my dear – is simply an ACE!
I am so very happy to call it my own,
Something so lovely that my friend has sewn.
Your gift will be treasured, that is for sure,
Oh…how passion simply makes us want more.
Not only the physical beauty I see,
It’s so much more than that for me.
Your passion is shared each and every day,
I want to thank you in my very own way.
From my heart...
Love, Elizabeth

Hello Jeannie
Thank you so very much for doing the embroidery on the pillow cases for me when you did. Got them done & gave them to my brother & sister-in-law a few days later when Jim was in the hospital here in La Crosse. A couple days later the Drs. told Jim there was nothing more they could do for him. 10 days later on June 2 he passed away. I'm just so thankful I was able to give him that pillow case, it meant alot to him & me.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Keep cool! See you sometime at River Road Quilt Shop!

Kathie Nelson
    What a surprise to receive my quilt today! I had no idea this was going to happen so soon. What a very special time "unveiling" it with not only my family, but with its creator! I am beyond pleased. You captured Harry (and me) perfectly. I knew my memories were in good hands after talking with you.
     Your ability to comprehend a person you didn't know, your incredible creativity, and your empathy are such blessings. Thank you for sharing them all with me and my family. Thank you also for the heartfelt pillows, so aptly titled "Dance with Me" and "Hug Me". These gifts are already treasured. Your connection to our love of Hawaii was so touching. To have the back of Harry's quilt made from fabric direct from "our place" was beyond belief!      Thank you!
Thank you just doesn't seem enough, Jeannie. I will do my best to refer clients to you (for both of your talents- hair and fabric)!
    I am honored to own one of your creations. Know it will be cherished for generations to come.
With much love and gratitude,
Hi, Jeanne:
Well the best word to describe the reaction to the quilt was SHOCKED. We ended up putting it in a gift bag and had them open it, reading the label first. They loved the back of the guilt, which they thought was the front. When we told them to unfold it and turn it around, they were speechless. We did some reminiscing about the pictures and all the great memories. Linda called me late this afternoon to again thank us and tell us that it is already displayed. They went and bought a dowel today and it is proudly displayed in their home office.
A huge thank you for your creativity, your talent, and a great job. Now we will see it often and not only think of them, but also you!
Jeannie, there are no words. The pillow is even more lovely than I could have imagined.   I cannot thank you enough. The care and attention you have shown this project is amazing. I’m so pleased with the end result.
Both Chris and I want to thank you again for all the effort you put into making such a beautiful keepsake for us to give to my mother-in-law. Chris actually got a bit teary eyed last night when he saw the pillow and read the enclosed card. You have such a unique perspective on things that truly matter and it shows in the work you do. We are so appreciative of all you did, including the mini pillow for us! He found a spot in the living room for it right away! Also, the phone card was a very thoughtful gesture and we thank you for that as well.
We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas season! Fondly,
Last night, we gave my mother-in-law the beautiful pillow you made for her.  She was soooo touched and absolutely LOVED it!  She got teary eyed and told us when we dropped her off that she was going to watch TV every night and "hug her pillow".  She had never seen nor heard of such a sentimental gift made from the deceased person's clothing so it was extra special to be able to give her something so special.  Thank you again for all your efforts to make it so perfect.  It's not often that one comes up with a gift that means so much.
Have a wonderful holiday!

Dear Jeannie,
When I gave you all of Mom’s aprons, never did I imagine the end product. The pillows are so much more than I ever imagined. My sisters were in tears when I gave them each a pillow. My brother was moved, also.
I know you put your heart into this project; we will all treasure these pillows and receive comfort each time we hug them!
Thank you for sharing your “heart” with us!
Kathy P.
Thank you for the homemade quilt. it is beautiful! We love the colors and polka dots. The personalization on it is wonderful.
Thanks again!
Nate, Cassie, and Aubrielle
My sister, Sue, loved the red and black mesh bag

Hi Jeannie,
Happy New Year....the beautiful tree skirt you quilted for me from your heart has been sadly stored away for the year! My children and daughter-in-law and girlfriend loved looking it over...it brought tears and smiles and laughter to them....Thank you so very much.
Hope we can keep in touch. Love,ellen
I was very surprised and extremely touched by your gift of a quilt for my new grandchild. I can’t wait to give it to her! Your work is beautiful and I am sure both she and her mother will treasure it.
Thank you so much, Roxanne K.
Thank you so much for the darling personalized blanket for little Parker. Indeed you are very talented. It definitely filled our hearts with warmth!
Thanks again (from our hearts.)
Sincerely, Sue P.
Thank you, Jeannie, for making my purse! I love it! Joanne G.