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Custom Baby/Crib quilt

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Window Pane Baby Quilt

This soft cotton quilt is designed for real use~washable, durable, and most importantly, full of love to wrap the baby in!


Looking through the “windows” toward your future

your Mom chose the Suzy’s Zoo fabric

to develop your sense of whimsy and a love of animals;

turtles to teach you patience and kindness;

and “chocolate” brown to wrap you in the love

of the sisterhood of women.


As your Mom and Dad await your birth,

you are their wish~

their wish to each other.


May you always feel

how much you are loved~

even when you were just a wish in their hearts.


Given to Kate and Patrick Connolly

for Baby Connolly

Designed, pieced and quilted by friend

Jeannie M. Bush

LaCrosse, WI

August, 2009


Custom Baby Gifts

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Vermont's Newest Star

This custom wall hanging quilt was created as a gift from a group a women to give to the baby of one of their Executive Board members. Each member “gifted” a quality they would like the baby to have. The fabric label is sewn on the back.

This is the fabric label that is sewn onto the back of the quilt.

Vermont’s Newest Star

It is with great anticipation that colleagues of Michelle’s
await the birth of Morgan, Vermont’s brightest newest baby!

We each wish our most valued trait to be bestowed on Baby Morgan.
Sharon bestows upon Morgan the gift of serenity;
Leigh wants Morgan to have keen intuitive abilities and a joyful spirit;
Linda, in Spanish, means beautiful, so she wishes Morgan both her inner and outer beauty;
Debbie C. gives her kindness and compassion;
Sally, in Hebrew, means princess~and so Morgan shall be a princess (or possibly a queen!);
Debbie M. would like Morgan to have her smile and optimistic personality;
Barbara shares her fantastic gift of music;
Gerry wants Morgan to feel contentment (just like retirement) as she is gently rocked;
Jeannie gives to Morgan her confidence and “I can” attitude.

Michelle hopes her baby will have Scott’s street smarts and vision; in addition
she wishes Morgan to have her mom’s book smarts and left-handedness so she can be a southpaw
in baseball and softball!

Morgan Aase O’Brien
is named for Morgan-Scott’s mother’s maiden name
Aase – Michelle’s Danish grandmother’s first name.

Michelle chose the paper pieced Vermont Star
because it also reminded her of a
four leaf clover.

Morgan is lucky to be born into Michelle and Scott’s families.
Like her mother, may she always be surrounded by as many friends
as there are stars in the Vermont sky.

With much love,
Sharon Ortiz, Leigh Henry, Gerry Adams, Linda Sammel, Debbie Cassin
Sally McAleer, Debbie Malacina, Barbara Greathouse, Jeannie Bush

Pieced and quilted by
Jeannie M. Bush
LaCrosse, WI