Quilting From My Heart
Jeannie M. Bush

Quilted Treasures that will touch your heart

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Remember your loved ones in a quilt

In today's world, we are pushed to clear out our loved one's clothing quickly between death and the funeral or after the funeral. A month or year down the road, the family and friends left behind regret that action. They wish they could feel his favorite flannel shirt, smell mom's apple pie baking apron, and see the worn elbows of his sport jacket.

It is time to open the conversation about slowing down the clean-out after the death of a loved one. Their clothing can turn grief into comfort: a bear and backpack from a sport jacket, a wall hanging from shirts, quilts from shirts, jeans or hankies, a clock from hankies, pillows from aprons. . .endless ways for the living to feel comfort.

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses when dealing with memories. Decades after being branded into our brains, the slightest whiff of something can send us back to another time and place.

That sense of smell can bring us great comfort after losing someone we love. Our skin oils stay in clothing for a decade or more. Imagine the power of hugging something your loved one wore
daily . . .you can see them in that shirt, you can feel their arm beneath the sweater, you can draw in their scent as you hug them. They are gone, but that comfort can live on.

My passion is to help people leave a legacy behind that will bring comfort to their loved ones.

The fabric of our lives is woven together to leave a memory; a piece of history about us, for future generations. Jeannie M. Bush

A Man and His Shirts
A Man and His Shirts - the connection between Bernie's shirts, his life, and his death are woven together . . .the lone cowboy in the sunset . . .his own horses pulling the hearse and casket one more time through his farm field . . .the sky blue shirt with quilted rays of sunshine and a photo with his grandchildren on his birthday.This is the bottom half of the quilt. See the whole quilt here....

Baptismal Gown Display - Below
Grandmother’s and Great-grandmother’s wedding dresses made into a Baptismal set.
Below from left to right:

Great Grandmother - Eunice Ostrem wed Gordon Sherry December 7, 1947
Gown made from satin, featuring back closure of 32 covered buttons

Baby Boy jacket is made completely from Great Grandmother Sherry’s satin.

Introduction to Quilting From My Heart
from Jeannie M. Bush

Emma's Pillow
Made for Emma from a pair of jeans and some sweaters saved by a loving aunt.
The story book, with photos, tells Emma how much she is loved.
Memory Quilts Most Recent Gallery #6

Mom's Apron Strings     Apron Strings Pillows - Mother’s Apron Strings these pillows were made from 17 aprons that this loving mom always wore aprons. She had 4 children, so there are 4 squares in the center; she was the star of her home, so there is the star surrounding her 4 children.
Memory Quilts Gallery #4

The Slip
under the jacket uses Grandmother’s soft jersey knit fabric against her grandbaby’s skin. Great-grandmother’s satin covered buttons are kept intact, gracing the entire length of the slip.
Grandmother - Nancy Sherry Ekern September 4, 1976
Gown made from jersey knit, featuring intricate lace and adorned with pearls.
Memory Quilts Most Recent Gallery #7